Hi, welcome to the world of ZanZeru

Iconic bikinis

The trademark bikini with lace edges created from beautiful quality fabric.         Simple but significant.

Vintage banjara bags

Handmade banjara bags from high quality, vintage fabric from India.                             On special request of Zanzeru.

Our Vision

Zanzeru means intelligent,

sensible and logical in Nyanja,

a language in Malawi.

In the world of Zanzeru we also aim to enrich you with these things.  

We’re not just selling products, we’re giving stories, feelings and wisdom within our products.


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All packed with:


A Touch of Sparkles

And Lots of Love

Behind our Aura

We have an intelligent process of creation, our products have made an individual, special journey.


Designed with an eye for detail, carefully tailored and made with happiness, only for happiness…


&That is the world of ZANZERU.


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